Q. How do I uninstall InterMapper on OS X?

A. The easiest thing to do is to run the installer again. On the first screen, you will see "To remove the InterMapper software, 
use the Uninstall InterMapper 
program located here." Click on "here", and it will reveal the uninstaller. Once you've run that, all binaries should be stopped and removed. It will leave behind the InterMapper Settings folder (so that you don't lose your configuration if you're planning to install another version.) To get rid of that, go to "/Library/Application Support" and throw the "InterMapper Settings" folder in the trash.

Note: The Uninstall InterMapper program does not support 10.3.9 or earlier versions of OS X. You should manually uninstall InterMapper from these systems, as follows:

Open the Terminal application and type:

sudo /usr/local/share/intermapper/Uninstaller.sh