The simplest way to move the InterMapper Settings from one drive to another is to uninstall, and re-install InterMapper, specifying the desired drive as the installation path, and then copy the IM Settings folder to the new location. The example below assumes the D: drive.

To do this:

- Stop the InterMapper Server. When it has completely stopped...

- Make a backup or zip of the InterMapper Settings folder on the C drive.

Note: In InterMapper 5.5 and later, InterMapper Settings defaults to the c:\ProgramData folder.

- Uninstall InterMapper, using the standard Programs & Features... Note: The InterMapper uninstaller *never* deletes the InterMapper Settings folder, but having that backup is still a good idea.

- Re-install InterMapper. The installer gives you an option of where to put the InterMapper Settings. Choose a location on the D drive. When installation is complete, the InterMapper server will be running with the new IM Settings folder on the D drive.

- Stop the (newly installed) InterMapper Server.

- Copy the InterMapper Settings folder as-is from the C drive to the D drive, overwriting the (brand new) InterMapper Settings folder.

- Start the InterMapper server.

NB: Using a network drive is unsupported and will cause problems. Use a local drive for your installation and storage.


The basic procedure - stop intermapperd, gzip /var/local/InterMapper_Settings, move it to the new location

edit /usr/local/etc/intermapperd.conf

point to the new location, save the file, and start intermapperd