Autodiscovery with multiple SNMP community strings

InterMapper is designed to use a single SNMP read-only community string when doing autodiscovery. It is sometimes necessary to discover a network that has devices that use different community strings. To do this:

  1. Begin the autodiscovery as usual: either create a new map, or open an existing map and choose Insert -> Auto-Discover
  2. Enter the starting address, the hop count, etc. as well as the first community string. Click Start Discovery.
  3. When the discovery has completed, view the map as a list (click the List View icon at the upper left).
  4. Sort by the Probe Type column by clicking its heading. This separates the SNMP Traffic devices from the Ping/Echo devices.
  5. Select all the Ping/Echo devices, and set their probe to "Automatic" and enter the second community string. To do this, choose Monitor -> Set Info -> Set Probe... or right-click and select Set Info -> Set Probe... Be sure to check the box by the Community: item so this will be applied to all devices.
  6. Click OK, and InterMapper will re-query those devices with the newly-supplied community string. If a device responds, InterMapper changes its probe type to SNMP Traffic, otherwise, it remains as a Ping/Echo device.
  7. Repeat with any other community strings you desire.