InterMapper DataCenter provides a simple mechanism for moving an existing IMDatabase folder to a different location:

1. Go to the IMDC web interface home page, and click 'stop' for IMDatabase. Wait for it to finish shutting down, and make sure that no 'postgres' processes are running.

2. Move the entire config/database folder from the DataCenter install location (by default, C:\Program Files\InterMapper\dwf on Windows and /usr/local/imdc on other platforms) to the new location. On non-Windows systems, the folder must keep exactly the same ownership and permissions (0700) as it had before.

3. Switching back to the web interface home page, click 'start' for IMDatabase.

4. With the DataCenter service running, and the database started, visit the web interface at


You'll see an empty text-field at the bottom of the page. Enter the full path to the desired location of the database folder into this field; for example, "/storage/database" or "D:\database". The path must not include any quotes or escape characters. Click the 'Set Database Path' button to apply the change; a message will be logged to imdatabase.log confirming the change.

5. Switching back to the web interface home page, click 'stop' for IMDatabase and then click 'start'. It will now be using the new folder.