Q. When I try to launch the InterMapper RemoteAccess client on Windows, I get an error "Unable to create Java Virtual Machine".

A. This error means that for some reason, the maximum amount of memory we told it to use is too high for your particular case.

In the Start menu, find the entry that will launch InterMapper RemoteAccess, right-click on it, and choose "Properties." Click
on the "Shortcut" tab. At the end of the "Target:" edit field, add a space after the end-quote, then add -Xmx256M, without quotes.

This will effectively give the Java command two -Xmx options, and the second one (which you just entered) is the one that will be used. If it seems like Java needs more memory, you could try making that number bigger. You'll have to experiment with it to find what the maximum value is that you can use on the command-line that will launch the client.