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Something I'd like to see: a way to draw a rectangle/oval around a set of virtual machines that are all hosted on one physical box. The only way I know to show this relationship is be attaching the VMs' icons to the host's icon, but that's hard to distinguish from the network connections.

Unlike the text and icon boxes we have now, these shapes would be unfilled/transparent, could be any size, and could be any color, have rounded/sharp corners, etc.

Posted Sat, 05 Mar 2016 05:57:14 GMT by

Hi John,

Intermapper maps are really proprietary flat file database files.  So in the truest sense of the word, it does not do drawings like you would do in Visio or the like programs.  With saying that though, you can import background images that could represent a room, server, etc… that you could then arrange the icons onto that.

But word of caution.  If your background image is large or very detailed, you will start hurting InterMapper's performance trying to load these background images on startup and the memory usage.  Again, it has to do with what the maps are really doing for you verses how the icons are displayed for representation.


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