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Hi Guys,


i have recently started playing with InterMapper and I am struggling with Layer 2 connections. Some of them connect and work perfectly .Some just don't . Is there a reason why I would be having this issue? All I need is for it collect CDP neighbors information and map those connections accordingly on the map. its all Cisco switches and routers with CDP enabled.

if I do the connections manually I loose the traffic between the switches ( the ants), the ones that actually work, work very well.


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I am also having this issue...

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Created case - CAS-0010011054
Will follow up  through email and add the conclusion to the forum.



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What was the result? I have also seen some issues with layer 2 detection.

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 The layer 2 scan can often show connections between devices, given a correct and sufficient response to the scan, including populated forwarding database and other information which is not reliably present in the devices.

In the case of CDP discovery, both sides of the connection need to be pointing at the other, with enough identifiable information (like interface names) in order for the connection to be shown.

In the Layer 2 device list window, the lower left pane is the connection pane. It shows information about what was seen in the scan and which side of the connection had the information, if the connection wasn't confirmed by both ends.

The InterMapper User Guide has information on interpreting the connection pane, including explanations for the display.

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