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We would like to create a probe for an InterMapper (Version 6.4.1) object that will simply send an email every 5 minutes with a specific subject.  We would utilize this as a type of heartbeat to an external notification system.  If possible, we would like to avoid monitoring a specific network or server object to alert off its status.  We would also like to avoid calling any outside scripts as the point is to monitor that the InterMapper service (and all intermediate services: mail relays, internet, etc.) are working.

Any help is appreciated.


Chris Skaar

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Hi Chris,

I saw your post in our Intermapper forum and don’t think there is an easy way to write a probe to accomplish this. I know we can set a notification to constantly send you an email every 5 minutes indefinitely within Intermapper. This might be a usable solution. I can show you an example over a screen sharing session if you like.

We also have a different software at Helpsystems which would definitely let you do this called Automate. Here is a link for more information



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