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We are running 7.0 of the Halcyon Advanced Automation Suite.  Individual components are:

Halcyon Audit Journal Manager          V15.0  PTF2017.069 
Halcyon Disk Space Manager             V15.0  PTF2017.069 
Halcyon System Event Manager           V15.0  PTF2017.069.1
Halcyon Message Communicator           V15.0  PTF2017.069 
Halcyon Message Manager                V15.0  PTF2017.069.1
Halcyon Restricted Tasks Manager       V15.0  PTF2017.069 


HAMJX1, HAMJX2 and HEMPFM seem to utilize a lot of CPU.  All three monitors appear to be running every minute, and I am wondering if that should be changed?  I am concerned that it is impacting production work by running so often.  Also, run priority on these monitors is 40.  is that appropriate, or should that be dropped to a batch level priority (50?)




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Hi Jim, the correct procedure to raise a support call for Halcyon is to contact us by phone, chat or mail us at [email protected]

I've raised a case for you (CAS-0010170542) and you will have received a confirmatory email to that effect.

I will contact you by mail to follow this up, thanks.


Halcyon Tech Support

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