Posted Thu, 20 Jan 2022 17:54:03 GMT by Kevin Merryman
I have setup a job that grabs files from one folder and moves them to sharepoint.  I have it setup to grab files that are "Only Newer" than the last 24 hours.  The problem arises if something is down and it cant run the job.  It will only go back and grab one file from the past 24 hours.  How do I get it to check any new files from the present time back?  I hope this makes sense.  This is Automate 11 I am running. 
Posted Wed, 29 Jun 2022 14:11:09 GMT by Alex Escalante
Hello Kevin,<br> <br> Since the 24 hour filter is there, it will be a bit tricky to go back further than that. You can grab a list of items currently present in the sharepoint site, and loop it against a list of files present locally, to see if they are all accounted for. If one is not, then download it. This will require you to loop through every file one by one which can be a bit time consuming, but it should ensure that you dont miss any files.&nbsp;

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