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Is it possible to use System Constants in File System Triggers, in order to specify the folder or file to watch for?

Our scenario is to have TEST and PROD environments where the tasks and triggers are the same and we only change the System Constants to "configure" what folders to watch during testing and in production. I am looking for something like: 


to use in defining the File System Trigger where WATCH_FOLDER_ROOT_DIR is a System Constant and in the TEST environment it is set to "\\TestServer\TestWatchDir" and in the PROD environment it is set to "\\ProdServer\SomeDir". If the above is possible then we can setup and test our tasks and trigers in the TEST environment and if everything works as expected, we can simply export the tasks from the TEST and import then in the PROT without having to change the triggers configuration.

Is the above possible in AutoMate v11.5?

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Hello Rossen,

Unfortunately using variables and/or constants within triggers is not supported at this time. It has been added as a feature enchancement however. The Feature request number is AM-15703. You can review the change logs when a new version of AutoMate is released, to verify if this feature has been implemented into that version.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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