Posted Fri, 22 Apr 2022 00:20:52 GMT by Brian Smith Fujimi Corporation Information Systems Manager
Automate 11
Anyone have experience/luck with extracting a multi-level, complex XML file into multiple datasets for use in database functions?
I have a file that has multiple levels and at varying levels could have one or more nodes with children. Super basic sample below. I have some ability to pull out data, especially if I explicitly call out nodes, but since the schema of the file could allow multiple nodes in certain sections, I need the ability to iterate through various sections and pull the data associated with it to send to a database. Super basic xml below just to show the logic. For example, i need to populate a dataset for Site A with its address and a sub dataset with its employees. The same with Site B, and so-on... I didn't find a lot of great documentation on the XML
Pretend the below is actual XML format, couldn't figure out how to format it with the right bracket style and have it actually show up in this view, it kept hiding the node names.
    [sitename]Site A[/sitename]
    [city]Las Vegas[/city]
    [name]Joe Bob[/name]
    [name]Jim Bob[/name]
    [sitename]Site B[/sitename]
Posted Wed, 15 Jun 2022 22:03:38 GMT by Amy Knode
Hi Brian,

Here is a link to documentation regarding the options we have for XML in Automate.

Please open a new case with the Automate support group if you require assistance on this.



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