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For years and many versions, the weakest aspect of AutoMate's generally capable support of SFTP file transfers has been the low visibility into connection failures, particularly during the protocol negotiation phase of connecting.  AutoMate's file transfer action only writes things to the optional FTP log file when a back-and-forth interaction is completed.  Failed actions do not log what they sent to the remote server or the errors that come back.

Competing file transfer clients expose much more information about what protocols are offered, what agreements are negotiated between the two ends, and the progress through the negotiation and establishment of the encrypted channel.  FileZilla is excellent in this.  PuTTY's psftp is good. 

I have asked HelpSystems/Network Automation about this several times over the years, and the response has always been "more verbose logging is not available".  In some cases AutoMate support staffers have guided me in using FileZilla to get a clear log of what algorithms it negotiates successfully with the remote server, and then trying to specify those same algorithms for the AutoMate action.  (Sometimes the same algorithms don't work for AutoMate, and I'm reduced to blindly guessing what other algorithms might work.)

I've got to believe that other users are frustrated by this.  If you have struggled with this lack of transparency, please add your voice to this thread.

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Hello John,


We apologize for the frustration and inconvenience this has caused. We have a feature request in our database (AM-16089) and will add this forum thread to the request as well. We will make sure to pass this request to our product council group.


Once the feature is added we will make sure to update this thread as well.


Posted Tue, 15 Feb 2022 20:11:24 GMT by Fred Shindle Idaho Power Co
I would like to second the comment expressed by customer.  I have also brought this up before as trouble shooting any FTP / SFTP / FTPS is impossible with the error logging.
Today is perfect example, I am trying to change and existing SFTP/SSH connect per customer changes for cipher.  The connection is failing and I have 'error 7' to work with.  Really?  I have never understood how any of these FTP function make it through testing.

Fred Shindle
Posted Wed, 09 Mar 2022 00:37:02 GMT by Tom Brophy Infor Systems Administrator
I have also had similar experiences over the years. I have found that reviewing the requirements of the remote host as well as my clients logs from that host to be the best solution for resolving any recurring connectivity issues.&nbsp;<br> If you cant get log information from the remote host you are definitely relegated to guessing.<br> your approach to using the coonection info from Filezillas/etc.. is a good idea.

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