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I am trying to automate the deployment of *.ampkg files and have come to the conclusion there is no support for this other than the UI.   What would seem to be a basic feature appears to be lacking.  

I have automated build and deployments for just about everything you can think of--SQL, BizTalk, .NET, Node, SSIS, SSRS, all things Azure, server provisioning multiple ways, and so on.  But seem to be stuck on Help Systems Automate.

I've explored the API and PowerShell modules, however these appear to focus on migrating from one server to the other.  I would like to be able to take an exported .ampkg file (preferably be able to automate that step as well), where I would create a nuget package, push it into our repository, and feed it into our deployment tool (currently, Octopus) so we can deploy like everything else (on-demand, scheduled, automatically).

I have been reading posts spanning back years that this feature is not available.  Given it is almost 2020 and everything that is anything has to be part of a devops pipeline, surely this must be just about ready to be released?

Maybe I am missing a way to do this, but I am not finding it.   Am I missing something?  If not, when is this going to be available?  

At this point, this is the ONLY aspect of our devops process that requires a human to be involved with.




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Part of what you want to do is possible with the API, but would require parsing through the AMPKG files yourself.  Since they're XML, they shouldn't be too bad to parse through.  You could probably create workflows/tasks/conditions/processes/folders, and modify permissions as defined in the AMPKG file.  However, there are some major limitations with the API that would keep you from getting 100% of the way there:

  • Workflow/Task/Agent properties can not be created on a new object via the API.  They can only be modified if the property inheritance has previously been overridden manually in the SMC.
  • Workflow item properties can not be created OR modified via the API.

I would love to see HelpSystems add these features to the API.  To your point, I think having AMPKG import/export methods for AMPKG files in the API would also be a fantastic addition.

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I have the same problem, have you managed to find the API or a way to perform this procedure? I don't want to have to deploy this process manually in an RPA tool, it doesn't make sense.

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We have submitted a feature request, AM-15549, for this this issue and linked it to this forum thread. Should such an API become available, we will update this thread.

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