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We are migrating into a new server environment and my initial process was I installed Automate on the new environment and uploaded a backup of our task from the old one. The first thing I notice is the task suddenly triggered all at once. I think because it was set to run immediately when missed. Could you recommend what would be a good step for migrating tasks to another server? I don't want all of my tasks to triggered all at once.



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Hello Kris,

In the bottom right hand corner of the software, there is a button that control the triggering mechanism. It is called "global triggering".

Make sure this is set to off so you can get a chance to change the rescheduling to not run if late.

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Hi Alex,

I have a number of task that is set to run it immediately if late. Does this mean I don't have any other work around but to change them all to ignore and reschedule if I plan to migrate them?


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Hi Kris,


If a schedule trigger's run when late setting is set to run it immediately, then you would need to edit the trigger to either update the next run time, or set it to ignore and reschedule, then set it back again later.

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