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Hi all, new on this forum!

We have recently upgraded to an Enterprise solution since our need for automation have grown.

I have Exported the .AML  files from the old PRO version and they Imports just fine to the Enterprise version. I understand that the choice to Export .AMPKG files from PRO versions isn't realistic because it doesn't even have have WorkFlows, and different kind of Tasks.

I was mostly hoping for someone really ambitious scripting guru, have made this possible anyway. 

Because it's a pretty massive job to link all the Workflows, Tasks, Agents and Schedules between these versions.

Is there atleast a Best Practice guide out there, that could show me the fastest most effecient way to do this manually or somehow script it myself?

Kind regards,



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Hello Christopher,

When importing tasks that contain a trigger, a workflow will automatically be created for you. The trigger will become its own "object" and the task will be a separate "object" as well. So if you navigate to the repository, each will be in its own respective repository folders.

If you import a task that did not contain a trigger, then a workflow will not be created, and your task will simply appear under the task repository.


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