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I have some workflows that need to use the console session to do their work.  How I set this up is that I have the workflow Logon properties set to "If workstation is logged on: run as logged on user; If workstation is logged off: Logon specified user (default user)", then I have the tasks within the workflow set the same way. 

When I was migrating one of these workflows from v10 to v11.1.30, I found that the workflow would successfully log on to the console, and the first task in the workflow would run within the console session, but the second task in the workflow would send a CTRL-ALT-DEL to Windows, as if it was trying to log on.  Since the workstation console was already logged on, the CTRL-ALT-DEL would send it into the Lock screen/Change password context, the attempt to log on would fail, and the task would fail with error "Could not start because the logon failed."

Devin Cannon (of AutoMate support team) figured out that this was related to the management console Options > Server > Default Properties > Miscellaneous > Event Monitor User Context option.  I had it set to CONSOLE, the default value that worked OK in v10.  Devin changed it to explicitly run in the context of my user login that I have my workflows run as.  With the Event Monitor User Context set in this way, then the tasks were able to correctly sense whether the workstation was already logged on.

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Posted Tue, 28 Jun 2022 20:09:51 GMT by Mary Manzano Technical Consultant
Thank you for sharing John.

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