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We have a system with 4 agents which has a network volume mapped on all of them, but when the workflow is running on the background, it fails as the volume cannot be found. We run the workflow with the highest privileges.


Can you please advise what the issue is?



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Mapped drives are based on the context of a logged on user only. You cannot access mapped drives using a background user even if that user should have access. You instead should use the UNC paths which will work with background and logged on users. 



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Hi Leonard


I understand but then how can i retrieve the available free space of a network share quickly?



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Mapping the drive inside the task should get it to work.

Here's a task I used to get the free space of a network share:

<AMVARIABLE NAME="varResult" VALUE="" />
<AMNETWORK ACTIVITY="connect_specific_user" DRIVELETTER="P:" NETPATH="\\share\test" USERNAME="domain\username" PASSWORD="AM4URpKfUZGMbtxPo1DqqGzXMy/n0ncB2TsaME" />
<AMFILESYSTEM ACTIVITY="get" MODE="volume" DRIVENAME="P:\" DRIVEINFO="totalavailablespace" RESULTVARIABLE="varResult" />
<AMFILESYSTEM ACTIVITY="write_file" FILE="C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\result.txt">%varResult%</AMFILESYSTEM>
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That was way too simple...Thanks so much for your help it works like a charm!

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Try the below using WMI query. This is for the local machine with all drives.


FROM Win32_Volume</AMWMI>

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