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I need to install Automate Ent 11 Client (Only Development Tools) - How can I do it?

I need to deploy Automate Ent 11 Client (Only Development Tools) with NSIS.

Thank's in advance!

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Hello Carlos,

In order to install only the development tools, you will need to use the "advanced install" option from the installer. When it comes time to choose the component you want to install, make sure everything but "Development tools" is selected. The process is very similar to the manual agent install instructions: install

We only recommend the manual "advanced" install, as described above, to be used when installing development tools. Deploying development tools is currently not available. Unfortunately, we do not have instructions on how to deploy with NSIS.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


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To me, selected looks like the attached document.

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I have no experience with NSIS but just did this as a silent install with Automate Ultimate 11 by doing the following

automate_plus_ultimate_11_x64.exe /b"c:\temp\automate"
This will extract the MSI from the EXE to c:\temp\automate.

The I ran the below. It is the ADDLOCAL that makes the trick. Could be that Enterprise has different variables. To get these variables I ran the below but without the /QN and ADDLOCAL. Choose the features I wanted and went through the installation. I then looked through the install.log file and searched for the ADDLOCAL part. 

msiexec.exe /i "Automate Plus and Ultimate 11 (x64).msi" /QN ADDLOCAL=Common,Dev_Tools,Runtime /L* C:\temp\automate\install.log

The support told me it was not supported but I works.

Good luck

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Have no NSIS information but you can probably sort it out

How to install Automate Plus and Ultimate 11 silently
1. extract the MSI to c:\temp\automate
automate_plus_ultimate_11_x64.exe /b"c:\temp\automate" and then install by running
msiexec.exe /i "Automate Plus and Ultimate 11 (x64).msi" /qn ADDLOCAL=Common,Dev_Tools,Runtime /L* C:\temp\automate\install.log

It is the ADDLOCAL that does the trick. Can not promise that it works for Enterprise but in that case run it manually (without the /qn) and look at the install.log what ADDLOCAL looks like.

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I installed developer tools only but now can't find where to update the connection details so it can find the Automate Server?  

The console manager always times out and goes gray because it's search for 'Localhost' which is not the case for a dev only install. 





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The "connect to" box is initially hidden out of view. You will need to click on the box to show it. Please see the attached picture for reference. Once it appears, you can input the ip address of the execution server machine.

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C:\Users\<username>\appdata\Roaming\AutoMate\Automate Enterprise 11\SMC Preferences.xml

This file stores the setting to show the connection pane, and also stores any saved connections.

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