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We have notices on a few occasisions that the CPU sits at 100% and freezes the server.

From what we can see the majority of the CPU usage is taken by BPAEM.exe

Are there any application/server logs associated to Automate that we can review to try and identify if Automate is causing the fault?

If there are some logs, can you identify where we would find them?

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Hello Sean,

Is this a new installation or has it been running properly for sometime? If it has been running properly, has any new jobs been implemented that may coincide with this issue occurring?

Is this version 11?

The BPAEM.exe process can only be assigned to one single user. Is it possible to log in as that user when the issue is occurring to see what is the status of the overall profile?


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It's a fairly recent installation (about 2 months old) we were previously using AutomatePro and are in the process of migrating/rebuilding tasks. From what we have seen the MaxCPU doesn't coincide with any particular Automate task that's running; we have been trying to check this by comparing the timings shown in the Azure process monitors against known schedules.

Yes, we're on v11

The MaxCPU has occured about half a dozen times and the server completely freezes up; the only option is to restart it, so we can't login to see what's happening, whilst it's happening.

Posted Fri, 24 Apr 2020 03:17:44 GMT by

Hello Sean,

The issue may be stemming from a buildup of memory allocation and not necessarily coincide with the time a task fires. With that being said, do you import/test tasks one at a time? or in bulk? Is it possible to narrow down when you first srtartd to notice the issue with the last set of imported tasks?

Is there any kind of pattern? Happens only at night, during a certain time of day, certain days in the week, etc...

You were able to view the BPAEM.exe process is the one taking the cpu. Is it possible to send us a screenshot of the task manager (showing processes of all users) to We will open a case and continue troubleshooting. Please reference this thread.


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