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We updated automate enterprise to the latest released version automate plus / ultimate,   these tasks worked fine before began to fail.


We reviewed several bots that were running web appls and found that some automate tasks that manage web  applications (http, put, get, mouse movement, clic, etc., etc.) had  missing  some values.


The automate tasks to manage web/http appls are losing values in tasks used to browse in webs applications. These bots were working well before doing the update.


We finally rolled  back  automate  to the  working (automate enterprise version, but saving  a snap shot to see if it can be fixed later.


 I have seen in the forum that something like this is  happening to others  that are updating to


Someone has been able to solve it?. Or is that you have to do some kind of conversion after update / upgrade. ?


Thnks in advance.

Carlos Hidalgo.

Posted Sat, 17 Oct 2020 01:05:36 GMT by

Hello Carlos,

Is it possible to please send us an email with an exported workflow that displays the missing values when ran in 11.4? There may be some kind of import or upgrade issue that we need to document. Please send the email to [email protected], and please let us know which values you viewed as missing.

thank you.

Posted Sat, 17 Oct 2020 02:47:59 GMT by


I will do  that soon.


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