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A vendor I work with recently converted to a new SFTP server from an older one. This was a behind-the-scenes change where I would still use the same connection string to access the site. 

I was able to manually connect using Filezilla, which prompted me to save the new certificate. After I did so, I was logged into the site without issue. In the past, accepting the certificate on the manual-connection client corrects any connectivity issues AutoMate might be experiencing, but this doesn't seem to work this time; instead, I receive the error FTP failed (Error: Connection lost (error code is 10058)).

I turned on the FTP logging and received this: 

Date : 6/15/2020 1:04:18 PM
6/15/2020 1:04:17 PM : Connecting to [ip-address] connection type is Sftp.
6/15/2020 1:04:17 PM : Server key [redacted] received.
6/15/2020 1:04:17 PM : Authentication type [Password] used
6/15/2020 1:04:18 PM : Authentication succeeded
6/15/2020 1:04:18 PM : Error 6

This log suggests that the 10058 error isn't due to invalid credentials, but is occurring after that point. Has anyone come across this before and/or know how to resolve?



Posted Wed, 17 Jun 2020 01:11:11 GMT by

Hello Louis,

Error 10058 is a common authentication error thrown by SFTP when we are missing the security parameters needed to connect. Being that you mentioned the certificate, it is possible that that is what we are missing.

We may want to change the connection type to sftp key, then validate server key to see if that resolves. If not, then the next step would be to request the certificate needed from the SFTP admin. I would also request the security protocols and algorithm's needed for the new security measures to ensure AutoMate has them available.

Posted Thu, 18 Jun 2020 21:46:24 GMT by

 Hi Alex, 

Thank you for the clarification. I've reached out to request an SFTP Key for login instead of the password-based method. I'll update this when I receive a reply. 

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