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We had a power outage on a server that hosts our older Automate instance (  When power returned, Automate restarted, but the Task Admin was missing many tasks.  They were visible on the C drive and could open in Task Builder.  For whatever reason, the System-Restore feature did not get the tasks back.  I had to drag and drop them into Task Admin, then manually enter the triggers, details, and login properties.  This happened a 2nd time recently due to some kind of server hiccup.  The same tasks seem to disappear.  Has anyone else experienced this and can anything be done to prevent it?  thank you.  OS is Windows 2003 R2.

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Hi Dennis,

The most like cause of this issue was that the restart compromised the AM6Taskfile.atl, which is found in the folder path below on Server 2003.

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Network Automation\AutoMate 6

This file stores the task setting and trigger information, as well as which tasks are registered and the folder layout in the Task Administrator. If this file is damaged, tasks may not appear or settings and trigger information may be lost. The tasks themselves are stored separately and contain the step information for that particular task.

To avoid this issue, you can create an Automate backup job, using the AutoMate Backup AutoMate action. This will allow you to schedule a backup, which you can restore should this issue occur again.

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thanks Justin.  We do keep backups, some on the same server and some on a remote server.  for the second incident, we did use the System\Restore feature using the remote backup.  It did not seem to have any effect.  Next time, I will look at the .atl file, and if appears compromised, will rename it, then copy and rename from one of the local backups.

I am surprised that the same tasks would disappear each time this occurred.  Thought it would be more random than that.

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