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I'm having some trouble with web browser's actions using Google Chrome. One of the issues, is that I am unable to get the fields that are inside (the button 'Cancelar' and the other fileds that are coverered) in a website using Chrome, while with IE it identifies it correctly. (see image 001). I tried changing the path hierarchy, but with no sucess.

The other problem, is to automate an application that opens in a popup window. It creates a blank page, and then the login page in a popup. The problem is that Automate only recognizes the blank page. (image 002). 


I am using Automate Enterprise, Windows 10, and Google Chrome v 83.0.4103.61


Any tips for my problems? Any help for using Automate with Google Chrome will be appreciated

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Hello Wesley,

Are you using the legacy web browser actions? We suggest trying the new web browser actions, if those do not work, the legacy actions, and if those do not work, then interactivity actions followed by input.

It is always best to try using the three sets before input, but worst comes to worst, you can press buttons based on the X Y coordinates of its location within the screen.

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