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Hi All,

I am switching all the tasks from using Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox but I am ecountering an issue.

it seems that Firefox, when managed by Automate (i.e. Under Remote control) does not save the changes I made.


For example:

- I set the download folder but it keeps on changing it to the default one

- I set to automatic save the file but it keeps on asking for save or open it

- I set the proxy address but it keeps on recognizing a trusted website as risky


When I check manually the Firefox options, all the changes are saved but, If I stop a task and check the option on the Firefox under Remote control (the browser with the robot icon in the address bar), all the changes are back to the default ones

Thank you in advance for the help



Automate Version:

Automate Premium

Windows Version:
Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard

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Hello Gabriele,

Is the website a public website that we can test internally?

We would like to conduct a support session to review the issue. Please send your availability for the next 5 business days, including timezone, to [email protected], so we may schedule a support session.


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Hi Alex,

thank you for the help.

the website I am testing is public, below you can find the url

below you can find 2 additional question about Firefox under Autoamate remote control:

1.When Automate launches a Firefox browser, which user profile is used ? It doesn’t seem to use the options the “logged in user” has set on Firefox.

   Logged in user sets a Download folder on Firefox, but when automate runs it, files are saved to default folder.

   Also, Firefox under automate doesn’t trust all certificates and hence cannot view websites that logged in user can directly access on Firefox.


2.If it’s using a different profile to logged in user profile,is there a way to amend it (add a certificate,save default folder) etc ?


Thanks and Regards

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Hello Gabriele,

Let's review the issue via a remote session. Please send your availability for the next 5 business days, including timezone, to [email protected], so we may schedule a support session..

To answer your questions, when running in task builder, the task will run as the logged on user. Are you logged on as the user that has the appropriate security clearance?

When running from outside of task builder, the logon settings of the task will take effect. What user are the logged on setting set to? is it the correct user?

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