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Using automate 9 for a weekly maintenance script. Launching automate today and my file is missing. To my knowledge, nothing system-wise has changed on this machine, so I'm not sure why my automate files would be missing. I can review the logs an see the file name and execution data and events. 

Any idea where the files may be or what causes this?

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Hello Samuel,

Unfortunately there isn't a AutoMate specific reason why this would occur unless a backup was restored which didn't have any tasks within it. However, this would still require a manual intervention to restore the backup.

Do you have a recent backup file for your installation? If so, you can navigate to options/system settings/backup and restore, and restore your tasks once again.

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That's the catch, I didn't have a backup. 

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Hello Samuel,


Unfortunately if the files are gone there is not much we can do from the AutoMate side without a backup.

If this is a VM perhaps your IT team takes snapshots of the VM which you can revert to.

It might be worth reviewing the task file location that is set up within options/system settings/task service - default managed task location. Whatever path is set there is where the task files are being saved.

We are sorry we could not provide more assistance.

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