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I have a small script which opens a web site logs in the site and navigates to a web page then clicks a link which opens windows explorer window for file selection. It then waits for human intervention which I wish to automate. How can I do this without it waiting for a response?

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Hi Ely,

Could you be a little more specific by what you mean by human intervention? If it is a popup window, you can try to use the Web Browser click or Interactivity Press actions. If it is a search box that requires actual keystrokes, you can use the Interactivity press to select the box and the Input Send Keystrokes action to send the required keystrokes.

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Human intervention is "I actually need to respond in some manner or form".  in my process there are 2 points of my "Automated" process that require me to respond.  1) the web site I am working with has an upload file form which is used to import data. I can get to the point where I am asked to select the file and then automate hangs until I do.  (using the web interactivity).  2) if I manually perform the prior step the next challenge occurs on a web page that askes for mapping of the fields and I get through that but then asks for confirmation that I have done it correctly, a yes no dialogue box, where it again hangs.  how can I get automate to continue on both of these steps?

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Hi Ely,

It sounds like both the Automate web browser action and the web browser itself are waiting for the other to complete first. I would recommend instead trying to use the Interactivity actions, which will work in a manner similar to the web browser click and set text actions to interact with the browser for the steps that is occurs on. When working with websites, you may need to use a combination of actions, also including our Input actions, depending on the design and feedback provided to Automate.

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