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 Does anyone have any experience using AutoMate to retrieve files from IpSwitch's product MOVEit? I tried this once before many months ago, but I didn't see any easy way to do it if you're attempting to perform such an action as downloading all files from a specific a folder, for example. We've had another scenario to come up where we need to pull files from a MOVEit server and I'd like to be able to use AM to do it.



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Hello James,

We recommend using the interactivity actions to, move the mouse, click, send keystrokes, etc... This way you can automate the process that you manually undertake when using this software. When using interactivity, is AutoMate able to "see" the objects you are trying to interact with?


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Hi Alex,

Yes, that's the general idea, and one I've attempted already but do you have any experience actually working with a MOVEit interface? It doesn't appear to be as easy as you might think. I've used AM several times to work with various web pages with success but trying to work with a MOVEit portal seems to be not quite so easy. Unless I'm just missing something.

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Hi James,



We haven't worked to much with the MOVIit interface.  If you are having issues, would it be possible to set-up a remote support session where we can take a closer look at this issue? If this is possible please send an email over to [email protected] with a list of your availability. In the email, also please verify the Operating System of the machine in question and it's bit level, as well as the version and bit level of the AutoMate software.
Note: Please reference this forum thread in your email.

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