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I'm just curious as to why this setting is a local preference (Options > Local > Preferences > Miscellaneous > Always Prompt for Authentication) and why it is defaulted to unchecked. Maybe this is overcome somehow in the user security, but by default when I setup a new user they were just being automatically logged in as the administrator account. To address, I had to go into each user profile on the server and edit the SMC Preferences file changing AlwaysAskToAuthenticate="false" to "true". 

Has anyone else had issues with this?


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Hi EJ,

Yes, the SMC does default to allow the remembering of password, allowing users to login automatically. In addition the SMC default preferences will attempt to log in to the the localhost with the administrator username and the default password. To prevent this, you can change the administrator password via the users page.

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Thanks for that information! I appreciate the fast response.

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