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Greetings - I am posting this again since I am not seeing the original. If it is a duplicate, please feel free to delete.


I am running Automate Enterprise on Windows 2016 Datacenter. Does anyone know how (or have any tricks) to correlate an instance of the BPATask.EXE to a running workflow? 



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One suggestion. In task viewer, when selecting columns, if you select column "Command Line" this will give you the task name associated with the BPATask.exe.

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EJ - 

Very nice; thanks for the tip. I was looking to automate this in a Task, which I think I can do using the Process Action, which (I think) will allow me to extract the Command Line, which I can then parse for the Workflow name.

Will test and report.

Thanks Again,


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You can use a WMI query to also extract the command line data as well. Hope it works out!

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