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We currently have a task that runs every morning that downloads notices (ex. overdues) from our integrated library system.  The files are downloaded by FTP per location with an .auton extension.  We have a trigger setup on the folder change that will then take this information and put it in a .txt and then uses Text to PDF Converter.  Each library has their own file, where these .pdf files are placed.  These are accessible via an internal website for the libraries to download from.  I have one external library I would like to email these daily notices.  Each PDF file name contains today's date.  I would like to create a task that either runs once a day or on a folder change trigger that checks this one directory, attach and email these new daily files, but not any older version already in this directory. 

SU_overdue1.t200220.pdf  for 2/20/20

SU_overdue1.t200219.pdf for 2/19/20


Any insight on this would be much appreciated.



AutoMate 10.0

Server 2012 R2


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Hi Tony,


The easiest method would be to use the the Text Format Date/Time action to format the current date in the same format as it is in your filename, then place that into a variable.  You can then reference it as part of the time filename for an If file exists actions, File Copy, etc.  An example of this is below.  The sample steps have an empty variable, the Text Format Date/Time action, and a dialog box to show the output you would get as part of a file path with wildcards based on your filename examples above.  The Format Date/Time action also has under it's advanced section an date and time adjustment option, allowing you adjust the date as needed.



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Hi Justin,


Thanks for your input on this.  I was able to get this working.



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