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Good afternoon,


We are using Automate Enterprise with the default installation of SQL Server Express and wanted to clarify the following:


1) Is it possible to see the schema and corresponding tables within the SQL Server Database through Automate Enterprise Database? Can you please describe the steps to do it or share further documentation?

2) Can we create additional tables within the SQL Server default schema, to store for instance business data regarding the processes we are running?

3) Can we access the SQL Server database directly through a Developer application, in order to view table contents and data without passing using Automate Enterprise user interface?

4) Can you please let us know the default password for the user “sa”?


Please find attached the corresponding screenshot with Database details.


Thank you.


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Hello Luis,

1. You will need to use a tool such as SQL Management Studio to view the database itself. The AutoMate GUI will not be sufficient to "view" the database.

2. It is highly recommended to NOT edit or modify the backend database for any reason.

3. Yes, as mentioned in question 1, SQL Management Studio would be our recommended database viewer.

4.  The default password is:  AMEnterprise11



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