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I've noticed on certain occasions that when I turn off global triggering on the SMC the tasks still start executing, and the api confirms that global triggering is still enabled. I'd have to turn global triggering back on and off again to verify that it is indeed off.

Has anyone noticed that as well. I'm currently using V10.0.7 (I cannot use V11 as there are too many bugs to upgrade).


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Hello Michael,

We do not have reports of this in our bug database for 10.7, and it is not reported in 11.3. When you turn off triggering, you mean by manually pressing the global triggering button, is that correct?

Is it always the same tasks that continue running? Or does it appear to be random?


Posted Fri, 22 May 2020 02:12:18 GMT by

Hi Alex ,

Yes this is via the SMC UI. It appears to be random on occasions whereby we would have to turn triggering back on and back off to effectively stop tasks from triggering.


Posted Sat, 23 May 2020 03:45:02 GMT by

Hello Michael,

Is AutoMate in the middle of a running workflow when the button is pressed? Or are we waiting until there is nothing running? IF a process has started, the global triggering button will not stop the execution of a task/workflow running.


Posted Mon, 25 May 2020 13:41:16 GMT by

Hi Alex 

Basically when I log in to the SMC console, there is about 20 workflows/tasks currently executing, then I'll turn triggering off which should drain the currently running jobs, but instead new workflows/tasks start up and the API confirms that triggering is still on even though the toggle on the SMC says its been turned off.

Like before this only happens on the odd occasion.

Posted Thu, 28 May 2020 04:12:39 GMT by

Hello Michael,

Sounds like the button press isn't being registered. Is it possible to send us your windows event logs to [email protected]?

We would like to review what happens on the machine when the button is pressed.


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