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I'm running Automate  I constantly run tasks on dual or triple monitors. Is there an Action that I am not aware of that would set the identity of the running task in progress to a particular video screen.  If we treated each video monitor as a video session it would cut out many of my errors that occur when a task incorrectly accesses the task builder window, or other information from incorrect screen contents.  I do understand we have sessions in excel, web browsers, etc. I just think this would be another way to contain task activity to a controlled environment.  Is there a way to do this that I don't know about?  And if not, is this something that could be considered for a future update? 

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Hello David,

If you are using something like "move mouse", you can set the coordinates to "screen", then record the XY coordinates on the desired screen. However this is only for the single "move mouse" action. What action were you trying to accomplish this type of functionality with?

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I guess I'm requesting a new ability to confine all visual task procedures that one task performs to one specified particular monitor with a command like 'set monitor = 1'. Then the running task would be confined to the 'monitor 1' environment until it encounters a command 'set monitor = 2'. 

This might not seem very important but it would keep errors from happening and my processes would be more reliable.  And with 2 or 3 completely separated environments running simultaneous tasks might be doable.

It has been my experience that the 'move mouse' action does not always apply to the same monitor, it applies to the active open focused window on whatever monitor that happens to be located on.

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Hello David,

We are happy to submit this type of feature request for you. We will send it and keep you posted on the status.

Regarding the "move mouse" action, there are different options regarding how you would like the XY coordinates to be mapped. Active window is one, but "screen" is another, which may be helpful in your multi-screen environment.


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