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I found an interesting point in action Database-Stored Procedure. In Advanced tab there is an option "Create and populate Dataset".

Is it a dataset from some data that procedure returns? Can you please provide an example of a simple procedure(for Oracle) that can fill the dataset?

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Hello Alex,

To answer your question, yes it will populate the return data of the stored procedure. 

Here is a website that gives examples and explanations regarding stored procedures:

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Hi Alex!

The link you gave is a general doc on stored procedures from Oracle.

Reading it you can find that Stored Procedures are not designed to return data from some select from a table. All the data that Stored Procedure returns - comes through it's parameters. Using Automate we can see that it doesn't know anything about cursors (there is no appropriate data type to use) that we can pass as a parameter and retrieve a data from some table.

There are Functions in Orace that are designed to return some data. A single value of it. And Automate doesn't work with them.

So what is that dataset about? Is it for any DBMS_OUTPUT from a Procedure? Or is it for Exception's(that occured in a Procedure) data?

My question is not about "What is a stored Procedure in Oracle", but "What was dataset in Procedure call designed for?". Do you have any example of filling that dataset?

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