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The primary site, gives the Version history...and one can click on the version and the system says, download trial version x.x, but then directs us to this site, yet there is nowhere to download historical trial version here ??


Where are they ?




Posted Wed, 08 Aug 2018 08:01:21 GMT by

Hi Lindsay,

You are required to log into the customer portal. Once you have logged into the portal, please visit This will give you access to archived versions. 




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Hi Leonard,

Thanks for that, I saw that before, but didn't notice anything showing in the List.  I then selected ONLY Automate and searched, it then gave a result of no entries.  But looked again after your message, and yes...there they are :-)   But, sadly it does not show all the historical versions, just the last of that particular version.  Unlike the actual main "Support" page that lists all the versions...

But thank you...


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