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  • Version of Automate (e.g. v11.0.6.11).
  • Version of Windows (e.g. Windows 2016 server).


Is it possible to run a workflow from the rest api and have it return a calculated result within the workflow itself?

I have tried /workflows/{WorkflowID}/run, but I am unable to return a variable created within the workflow in the response



Posted Wed, 10 Mar 2021 10:22:31 GMT by

Hi Isaac,


There's not really a way to do this.  The 'Run' call doesn't wait for the workflow to complete.  The "Success" just means the 'Run' call was successfully sent to Automate, but the workflow could run at fail and you would still get the "Success" response.


This could be possible but would take a few extra steps.  You could use the /workflows/{WorkflowID}/run call to start the workflow. A task in the workflow could make a /workflows/{id}/update call to update a workflow variable with the value you want returned.  You would need to wait for the workflow to finish though, but you could then do a /workflows/{id}/get call to get that value.

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