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I have an XML file with about 11,000 elements and each element has about 50 attributes which I need to read and convert into a SQL INSERT statement.  I have it working but reading each element and then each attribute (11,000 X 50) creates about 550,000 AMXML ACTIVITY="read_node" events which is  EXTREMELY slow.

I'm currently looking through the list of 50 attributes (stored in an array) then reading each attribute into a variable which is then concatenated to create a SQL INSERT statement. Can I read multiple XML attributes into a dataset instead of reading them one at a time into a variable?




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Hello Dan,

Unfortunately the only other option is "node to dataset". However this is also on a per node basis.

If you have a powershell or basic script that accomplishes your goal faster, you may want to use the action for powershell or basic scripts, respectively, to spend less time on processing.

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Have you considered using XML in the SQL insert? 


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I will look into using XML directly in the SQL statement. Thank you.

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