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Could someone advise how we might introduce a (reusable) condition to our workflows, so that (for example) we can end the workflow where current date/time meets certain criteria; allowing us to implement a "maintenance window" where we know that all automation processes will be suspended on the 2nd Saturday of the month, between 0100-0500hrs.

Our maintenance window is typically set to one common window, which may occasionally change and we wouldn't want to have to code this into every workflow (is possible).

Those persons who would be performing the maintenance have no product knowledge, so we cannot assume that they would disable the triggering. In fact, it would be unlikely that they would have sufficient permissions to open/logon to be able to do that.

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Hello Sean,

You can set an exclusion for the overall agent. Here is more info on the feature: exclusions

You can find this setting under:

Options -> Default Properties -> Default Task Agent Properties -> Task Agent Exclusions

Please let us know if this works for you.

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 That's perfect (and so simple), thank you.

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