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Hi All,

I have recently changed the machine where Automate was installed (the machines was sharing the same Automate Version).

I have restored all the tasks and there was no problem at all.

the problem is with the triggers.

our office is located in Rome so all the triggers are scheduled in "italian" time (es. 11:00 AM) but I have noticed that the task starts at.....17:00 PM, which is the time in Atlanta (but Automate thinks it is 11:00 AM)

I think the problem is that the person who has installed the software in remote is located in Atlanta.

- the date and the clock in the desktop is correcty set to Italian time but I don't think Automate "works" with the system time.

- In "control panel-->region and language" I have changed the location to Italy but it did not help

- Honestly I don't know which is the time that Automate uses in order to set the triggers

Could you help me to identify the problem? Automate keeps on running tasks at the time it thinks it's correct but it's not.


below my specs:

O/S : Windows 7 Enterprise x64

Automate: Automate Professional v11.0.5.8


Thank you in advance





Posted Wed, 29 May 2019 01:45:31 GMT by

Hello Gabriella,

AutoMate should be using the time set by the server/machine itself. Unless you are using remote desktop connection to remote into a machine that is in a different timezone, it should use your current local time (if installed locally).

However, we see that you are using a bit of an earlier version of 11. Which may indicate an issue with that version. Is it possible to upgrade to version 11.1.20 to see if you get the same results?


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