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I've opened a Support Case for this, but I wanted to post it as well and see whether anyone has dealt with it. My environment contains one BPA 9 server instance with two agents. OS is Windows Server 2012. Repository is SQL Server if that makes a difference. AutoMate server is running on a VM.

Most of the jobs we have are file transfer jobs (e.g. pick up a file from the local network and deliver it to an FTP site). These are scheduled to execute daily, weekly, and/or monthly. We also have a number of jobs that execute multiple times during an hour, e.g. one job is scheduled to check on FTP site every 5 minutes. The vast majority of these jobs have been in place for some time (we've been using AutoMate for 5+ years).

Within about the last year, we've starting having issues once a week, usually at the beginning of the week, where AutoMate becomes completely unresponsive - it will not authenticate console logins and it appears that no jobs are starting. It's basically frozen/hung, and must be restarted at the server level.

Has anyone run into this before and, if so, how did you determine the root cause?

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I have review all cases opened under your account and none relate to the issues you have outlined above. Please open a support case with these issues so we can further troubleshoot. 

As far as potential causes to what appears to be a resource conflict would be to look at home many simultaneous tasks/workflows are running at this time. You state that it's running on a VM and it's quite possible that the specs for the VM are not high enough to handle the load.

What is the version of BPA 9 that you have installed? 



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Hi Leonard,

It is version of BPA. I know that is an older version. We've purchased version 11, but have not yet installed it. The concern is whether simply upgrading will resolve this issue. I am not certain at this time that it will, since we don't have a good understanding of the root cause.

Do you all have guidelines documented for how to properly size and/or provision resources for an installation of Automate BPA?



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Hi Leonard,


I opened support case CAS-0010124038 for this issue, as it is becoming more critical for us.



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Hi Casey,


I see we are working with you on the case you created. Once the case is resolved we will update this thread.

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