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I've added a password to the Automate Credential Management but now can't figure out how to call the password for use in a task?

In Credential Management I added a password for a website login.  The task will login to the website.  For the set password field I can't find anywhere in the expression builder to select the password from the credential manager?

This is in Automate Enterprise.




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Hi Clint,

The passwords entered into the Credential Manager can only be used in password fields inside certain actions.  For example, if you add an "FTP: Logon" action, you'll see a key icon to the right of the password field (see attached screenshot).  If you click on this key, it will show a list of available passwords to select.

To enter a password onto a website, you would need to use an "Interactivity: Set Text" or "Web Browser: Set Value" action which neither have the option to use the Credential Manager passwords.  In this case, you can save the password as a Constant and reference the Constant in the action.



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Hi Devin,

Thank you, that explains why I can't find the credential when using  "Interactivity: Set Text" or "Web Browser: Set Value"  as I'm doing.  Thank you for the information.



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