Posted Sat, 15 Oct 2022 14:58:55 GMT by Henry Taylor Agri Stats BIi Developer
I saw this post here, Missing Folders and Tasks, and tried it's suggestion of getting the atl file from a backup.  We went back a week and none of the backed up files restored the missing Folder and Tasks.  I did not try renaming the atl file, because we have a lot of tasks and I don't want to have to recreate all of those triggers (I'm not even certain I could, even if I wanted to).  

Oddly though, the jobs that were represented in the missing folder appear to still be getting triggered.  It's as if there's a disconnect between what the system is doing and what it is showing in the Tasks List.

I'm hoping that someone might have a suggestion on how to get those things in synch?
Posted Thu, 01 Dec 2022 18:21:13 GMT by Jason Cales Databank IMX
Hi Henry,

I had the same issue this weekend. It was really odd that things were still running but nothing was showing up in the task administrator.
What I did was run the installation .exe that we initially downloaded when we installed Automate.  Run as administrator and instead of install, click the repair option. Once it was finished repairing, I connected to the local host, and everything showed back up.

It's been 2 months so I'm sure you got it to work but maybe someone else runs into this and this helps.



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