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I am trying to access a shared mailbox but i am having problems. I use the shared mailbox address, with the user and password with access to the mailbox, yet I always end up by accessing the main mailbox instead of the shared one.


Can anyone help?


Thank you.

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Hello Luis,

Do you receive any kind of error message? Or does it simply pull from the wrong box?

Was this task working at one point or is this a new setup?

Are there any percent signs in the password?

If so, we will need to double the percent signs. For example:


will need to be


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Hello Alex,


No I do not receive any error message, it simply pull the main mailbox.

This task is new so it has never been working.

There are not any percent signs as all.



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Hello Luis,

We will need to create a support case and conduct a support session for further troubleshooting. Please send an email addressed to tech support at [email protected],  with your availability, including timezone. Please reference this thread in your email.


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Was there ever any resolution to this question?

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