Posted Thu, 23 Jun 2022 21:37:08 GMT by Jaz Tamba FSSI Senior Computer Operations Analyst
When looping thru folders and go to File Options. The filtering doesn't work. Please check and verify if this is happening to you too. Here's an example. I am trying to only list folders that are older than 12 months. Suggestions are welcome. Thanks. This is from Automate

<AMVARIABLE NAME="path" VALUE="C:\Program Files" />
<AMVARIABLE NAME="foldername" />
<AMLOOP ACTIVITY="folder" FOLDER="%path%" RESULTVARIABLE="foldername" MODE="folder" ONLYFILENAME="YES" SORT="descending" SORTON="modificationdate" ISOLDERTHAN="%DateAdd( &quot;m&quot;, -12, CStr( Now() ))%" />

Posted Fri, 24 Jun 2022 16:48:15 GMT by Ricardo Castaneda
Hi Jaz,<br> <br> Did you try using a "Custom" filter in the file options?&nbsp;<br> %DateAdd( "m", -12, CStr( Now() ))%<br> <br> Here is an example step<br> &lt;AMLOOP ACTIVITY="folder" FOLDER="Folder Name" MODE="folder" RESULTDATASET="dslist" ISOLDERTHAN="%DateAdd( &amp;quot;m&amp;quot;, -12, CStr( Now() ))%" /&gt;<br> &nbsp;

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