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We are running version of AutoMate BPA, standard edition, on Windows Server 2012 with a SQL Server repository. I am seeing tasks & workflows that are apparently hung when I look at the Execution Status tab in the SMC. In many cases, the workflows in question began execution on a prior day, but have never terminated properly.

Are there and/or what are the capabilities in this version that can help me to investigate why these workflows are getting hung? Short of creating a log file in the task and writing each completed step to it, I am not sure how to go about finding a root cause.

Any help is greatly appreciated, Thanks in advance,


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Hi Casey,

The two best places to start your investigation are the Agent logs, found in the folder below and the Windows Event Viewer Application Logs. The Agent logs will provide some information on if the issue is occurring with the Task on the Agent itself. While the Event viewer logs will indicate any communication or service errors.

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Hi Justin,

Is this the path that you are referring to?

C:\ProgramData\Network Automation\AutoMate BPA Agent 9



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Hi Casey,

Yes, that is the correct folder.

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