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Please explain to me what is the purpose to use a chackbox "variable is secure" for a new variable?

I expected that if a use it at the task that is in production (imported to Automate Task Administrator) and that task is secured with "Modify password" - no one can see the contents of that variable.

But there is still two ways to see it:

1) open a task at AM Task Builder (by clicking "Edit") and when started step-by-step - look into "Variables" tab

2) "Export" the task into file and "Modify password" will no longer protect the task from changing and one can add "Show message" with %variable% and see it's contents because when exporting the task a secured content is not clearing. 

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Hi Alex,

The "Variable is secure" option will encrypt the values in the AML code of the task.

Here's the code for a normal variable:

<AMVARIABLE NAME="varTest" VALUE="test" />

Here's the code with the secure option:

This can be valuable as the value won't be obtainable from the AML task file.

It also gives a little bit extra security if somebody happened to look over your shoulder while viewing the task in Task Builder, as the value won't be displayed.

But yes, this doesn't help too much if a user has access to open the task in Task Builder.  They can simply look at the variables or display the variable in a text box.

A much better option would be to password encrypt the task.

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