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Now that you have moved the AutoMate forums into the Help Systems servers, how long do you expect to keep the old Network Automation forums up?  Those forums contain a wealth of knowledge about the quirks of this system, and fill in many gaps in the online help.  I would hate to lose them.  Sometimes I find relevant posts there even from several versions behind the one I'm currently working with.  Please don't tell me there are current plans to take the old forums down.


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I agree with John there is a ton of priceless information in these forums.

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Though is not accessible, the forums are:


They are read only now so that we can drive the traffic to the new forums on There is no plan to take down the forums on anytime soon as we work towards migrating the relevant content to knowedlebase articles and sample tasks on  Once we have felt that the information is available on, then the forums will be taken down.

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Agreed. Needs to be archived. I still search on there for solutions or answers all the time.

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I can concur with the rest of the posters. The old forumns are an invaluable resource.

In addition these ones are not as user friendly.

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Couldn't agree more about the value of the old forums. Please keep them active or port them over to the new forums as an archive! They are by far the best resource available for Automate related info since it covers SO MUCH stuff that isn't touched by the Help or other resources. I got pretty nervous the other day when I got redirected to the new forums.

One issue I noted was that if you want to download a sample solution file from the old forums you get redirected to the new forums. Any way to restore that login functionality with read only access OR drop the requirement to be logged in to view/download those files?

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Hi Adam,

Please provide a URL sample of the thread where this occurs and I will see what I can do to allow the functionality. 

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Thanks Adam. I was trying to make it work and it seems like the forums are not going to cooperate as far as letting us access attachments without logging in. That being said, please access and login there and then proceed to the forums and you should be able to gain the access you need.

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