Hi All,

I am switching all the tasks from using Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox but I am ecountering an issue.

it seems that Firefox, when managed by Automate (i.e. Under Remote control) does not save the changes I made.


For example:

- I set the download folder but it keeps on changing it to the default one

- I set to automatic save the file but it keeps on asking for save or open it

- I set the proxy address but it keeps on recognizing a trusted website as risky


When I check manually the Firefox options, all the changes are saved but, If I stop a task and check the option on the Firefox under Remote control (the browser with the robot icon in the address bar), all the changes are back to the default ones

Thank you in advance for the help



Automate Version:

Automate Premium

Windows Version:
Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard