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Hi all,

On 6th July 2018 I raised an issue with your support team.
The Support Case was CAS-0010103097, and it was assigned a bug number of 24376

The last update I have on this issue was that it was "slotted to be fixed in the next maintenance release (before year end)" in 2018.
As per the patch notes here, this does not appear to have occurred.
Due to the website changes, I don't have any visibility on the support case anymore, and am wondering:

Has this bug already been resolved?
If not, do you plan on resolving it?
If so, when do you think it will be released?


This is currently preventing our upgrade to BPA 11, and I'm getting pressure from my manager to complete the upgrade.


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Hi Craig,

I apologize for the delay. The maintenance released was delayed and has not been released yet. We are finalizing the internal testing of builds and look to release it within the next 30 days.



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Is Bug 24376 going to be resolved by the next release?

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